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  • Rachael Kay

Get Event-Ready: Prepping Your Skin for That Special Day

Got a big event on the horizon? A wedding, perhaps, or a major birthday bash? Whatever the occasion, I’m here to ensure your skin is as ready to celebrate as you are!

1. Timeline Planning Start thinking about your skin at least three to six months in advance, especially if you’re considering treatments like micro-needling or a chemical peel. This gives us plenty of time to see results and make adjustments.

2. Consistent Skincare Routine Consistency is key! Let’s get you on a skincare regimen that supports your skin’s health leading up to the event. And yes, this means not skimping on nightly cleansing, no matter how late the pre-event planning keeps you up! (If you need some skin care and product advice, just message me I am always happy to help)

3. Hydration and Nutrition Your skin reflects what you eat and drink, so let’s make sure you’re nourished and hydrated. And while we’re at it, a glass of Prosecco to celebrate the countdown isn’t out of the question—we just need to make sure you balance it with plenty of water!

4. The Week of the Event The final touch—ensure your skin is moisturised, calm, and glowing. A Signature Cinderella Facial the day before the event will give you that extra boost of plumpness and glow for the photos.

Ready to start your journey to fabulous, photogenic skin? Drop by Filter Freedom or give me a shout, and let's plan your pre-event pampering!

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