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Enhance your natural beauty and restore youthful confidence!

Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Our anti-wrinkle injections aim at injecting botulinum toxin type A using a fine needle syringe.

Botulinum toxin has been widely used as a safe nerve toxin since 1980 in healthcare and was approved as a   safe treatment in cosmetic enhancements since 2002. anti-wrinkle treatment  is now used worldwide and has become one of the  most popular cosmetic procedures to have. 


Botulinum essentially blocks the nerves pathways that cause the muscles to move and therefore causes the muscles to relax. This reduces or removes wrinkles and fine lines giving that smooth youthful appearance.


  • Requires no local anaesthetic

  • relatively painless

  • quick treatment 

  • can return to normal activities immediately

  • results can be seen within a week 

  •  treatment will last between 3-4 months (less regular maintenance  over time)

The treatment is reasonably painless, quick and targeted to give you a restored, natural appearance using premium products. You will be offered a review consultation within 14 days to assess if you may require any further treatment to give the desired effect. 


To book your consultation please get in touch with Rachael. A £25 deposit is required at consultation but will be taken off your treatment bill at the end. 


Dermal Fillers

Lip Augmentation  |  Marionette lines (corner of mouth to chin)  |  Nasolabial Lines (nose to mouth)


The main ingredient of fillers is hyaluronic acid which is naturally produced in the body found in skin and cartilage. As we get older the amount of hyaluronic acid we natural have in our skin starts to deplete and its main function is to keep our skin tissue hydrated and give it its ‘plump’ appearance. 

As we get older our skin starts to lose collagen naturally which helps to promote the skins elasticity and plumpness. New changes might include more wrinkles, and skin ‘sagging’ and migrating to the dreaded south and losing its fullness.

Fillers with hyaluronic acid are used to replace the volume lost giving it that naturally hydrated smoother and firmer appearance. 

Here at Filter Freedom we pride ourselves on restoring the skin to its former youthful glory and creating subtle enhancements to give that desired look. 


Skin Boosters

Seventy Hyal 2000

This is a next generation hyloronic acid skin booster that is injected just under the skin surface to hydrate, contour and plump the skin restoring it back to its former glory!

As we age, we lose hyaluronic acid and this causes the skin to sag, become less elastic and dull. This booster aims at bio stimulating the skin in order to give is a moisture surge of hydration and kick starting collagen and elastin production.

This makes 70 Hyal the perfect skin rejuvenation treatment whilst adding gentle volume.

This treatment can also be used to rejuvenate the hands neck and decolletage areas.

Skin Boosters

Lumi Eyes

This is a skin booster specific to enhancing the tear trough (under eye) area.


Lumi Eyes has a proven rejuvenating effect stimulating new skin cells in order to delay the aging process and strengthening the skin.

This treatment is suitable for clients with dark undereye circles, skin blueing, saggy, hollow or thinning of the undereye area. Lumi Eyes is a high quality product that repairs damage to the dermis with a strong tissue regeneration effect also restoring lost volume, fights fine wrinkles and a skin lightning effect.

This treatment last from 6-12 months and is recommended to have a second course of treatment 2-3 weeks apart.

Lumi Eyes

Vitamin B12 Injections

quick and easy, is administered via injection into the muscle and pretty painless!

Vitamin B12 is a critically important vitamin, however low levels and deficiencies are common and can have serious health consequences.

We obtain Vitamin B12 from our diets, however finding the right balance and getting enough of this vitamin is difficult particularly if you have a Vegetarian or Vegan diet.  Others at risk of this deficiency include those who have had weight loss surgery, diseases of the gut such as Crohns, or Celiac disease and smokers

Common signs of B12 deficiency: 

  • vision changes 

  • mouth ulcers 

  • sore swollen tongue

  • headaches

  • depression

  • irritability 

  • heart palpitations

  • difficulty in maintaining balance


Vitamin B12 injections are very effective in: 

  • raising your mood levels (depression and low levels of B12 have been linked) 

  • Boosting energy 

  • reducing stress 

  • Improving memory 

  • Maintaining a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system

  • Protection against macular degeneration

  • Maintaining healthy blood and heart cells 

  • Reducing the risk of osteoporosis

  • Assisting in weight loss

The treatment is quick and easy, is administered via injection into the muscle and pretty painless!

Regular treatment may be necessary but should be discussed at consultation. 

If you have any concerns, questions or would like more information relating to the above then please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to take time out for you.

B12 Injections

Eight Point Face Lift

Ladies and Men over 40, this is the ultimate package for you!

This treatment is a combination of upper and lower face antiwrinkle injections, injectable skin boosters and dermal fillers targeting eight areas of the face:

·       Forehead

·       Under Eyes

·       Nasoloabials

·       Marrionettes

·       Cheeks

·       Chin

·       Top lip

·       Masseter

The aim of the treatment:

is to relax the muscles in 8 points in the face enough to reduce the appearance of fine lines, skin boosters to replace lost hyloronic acid giving a more hydrated, and  tighter skin appearance and finally using dermal’s on deeper more suborn lines around the lower face.


This treatment is for the mature client which may needs combination/ multiple area treatments and for many this is a cost effective way to start your treatment journey.

This treatment requires a consultation as Filter Freedom will design a treatment plan according to you concerns and only target what you are not happy with. This treatment may require up to 2-4 appointments  depending on what treatments are necessary.


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