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Where We Empower Wellness and
Radiate Beauty Together


Unlock Your Radiance: Discover Skincare Re-imagined.

Filter Freedom Aesthetics clinic brings you more than just beauty treatments – we craft bespoke journeys to your dream skin. With a mixture of medical-grade products and bespoke skincare techniques and packages that are tailored to you and your skin goals and concerns. 


We will work together to unveil your true confidence.

Glowing skin - Aethestics
Lip Filler

Reveal Timeless Beauty

Experience Aesthetics differently. Our clinic is dedicated to sculpting personalised journeys to your desired aesthetic outcomes. Merging state-of-the-art techniques with premium-grade products, we tailor aesthetics practices to uniquely enhance your features.


We will work together to create your desired outcome and feel pampered whilst doing it.

Clinicare Products - Warrington Aesthetcis Clinic
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At Filter Freedom, we're dedicated to delivering the highest standards of care, and that includes the products we use. That's why we exclusively rely on Clinicare medical-grade skincare, a trusted name in advanced skincare solutions.


Our commitment to excellence means that every treatment is infused with the power of Clinicare's cutting-edge formulations, meticulously chosen to complement our aesthetic and skincare services. By using only the finest products during our treatments, we ensure that your journey towards your best self is not only effective but also truly transformative.


filler is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses carefully administered injections to add volume, definition, and symmetry to your lips.


By enhancing the natural contours, lip filler can instantly elevate your facial aesthetics, granting a youthful plumpness and a more balanced, captivating smile.

Woman Having Lip Botox
Back Massage



Expert Physiotherapy Services.


I am a chartered physiotherapist dedicated to empowering you to overcome challenges, reduce pain, and optimise your physical potential.


Whether you're recovering from a new or old injury or aiming to achieve peak training performance, our tailored and bespoke physio plans are designed to guide you towards a life of vitality and movement.

Rachael Kay

CPD Accredited Aesthetic Practitioner


Hi, I’m Rachael the owner of Filter Freedom Aesthetics, HCPC registered Chartered Physiotherapist and CPD accredited Aesthetic Practitioner.

I have a passion for professionalism and quality of care, and I aim to give my clients the confidence in their skin enough to give them the Filter Freedom they deserve!  Aesthetics is all about enhancing your natural beauty and looking the best you! I pride myself on giving my clients the comfort and confidence in me to give them safe and realistic results.

Rachael Kay - Filter Freedom Aesthetics - Warrington


Having treatment on your face is one of the most frightening decisions you can ever make , so it's important to do your homework and ensure you're choosing the best. 


I had nothing absolutely to worry about with Rachael. She is a true natural. the most gentle, caring and knowledgeable practitioner I could have chosen to do my work. 


Always making sure I was comfortable, not in too much pain but more importantly happy with the results.


I am absolutely thrilled to bits with my lips and the comments that I get speak volumes for the quality of work that Rachael delivers



Thank you! We will be intouch shortly.


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